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Budget-Friendly Halloween Decor

New additions to our spooky home decor without breaking the bank.

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I lean more towards the spooky over the harvest-y feels, which I shared in last year's Fall & Halloween Decor blog post. This year I wanted to keep our decorations within a budget (again), and I also realized a couple of factors:

  1. Mason has grown and can reach a lot of things now. And if he can't reach something even on his tippy toes, he will attempt to climb towards whatever he wants to get.

  2. Due to reason No.1, our seasonal and holiday decorations need to be placed up super high. Leaving me two main spots in our apartment for decor. - Above our kitchen cabinets. - A windowsill above our kitchen sink.

Along with my pumpkins from last year, I added a couple more this year. I'm trying to be realistic about how much space I have for a holiday display AND storage space for it afterward. Pumpkins can take up a good amount of real estate, which we don't actually have much to spare as it quickly gets filled with stuff for Mason. Upon placing the large white pumpkin with the black pumpkins above our kitchen cabinets, I realized that the white clashed with the cream color of the lanterns. And yes, those lanterns are staying up there, mainly because they have glass panels (easy targets for Mason). I decided to look for cream-colored pumpkins instead as I still wanted to keep the color scheme consistent. I came across these cream-colored pumpkins, which are craft pumpkins (prices vary - each under $20), so they're super lightweight and easy to make into your own cutesy or spooky pumpkin. My pumpkins are all different sizes, which I love because it adds some levels to my displays.

There's a broader space above the refrigerator, and I was contemplating what to put there. I thought about getting a life-size skeleton, but to be honest, I knew that it would give me a nice little scare each time I saw it, so I passed on that idea real quick. I thought about putting a massive cauldron up there, but then I realized I wouldn't have a place to store it after the spooky season is over. I started to think about creating a town but reminded myself that no one would actually see any tiny figurines all the way up there. I loved the idea of a spooky town, so I began researching decorative haunted houses for Halloween. I found these three black metal haunted houses ($10 each), which worked best for the space and storage, and are budget-friendly!

Of course, I brought the bats back. I just love how simple they are to make our home really feel in the spirit of Halloween. I saved as many decorative bats as I could from last year, along with the white skull (plastic), large cloche with claw feet and mini bat figure (also plastic), and the Trick-or-Treat burlap sign. This year, I added a faux stack of spooky magic books (under $15), which went perfectly with the rest of the decor. The big white pumpkin, cloche and skull are on the counter space by our entryway, but we'll see how long it actually stays there. Mason will probably find it by the time I'm done writing this post.

Visit the links below to shop more of the budget-friendly items from my Halloween decor!

Note: the exact black pumpkins are not sold this season. I linked similar items below.



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Sep 29, 2021

Love the decor look!

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