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Halloween 2021

+ all about our affordable family costumes with some every day pieces.

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With Mason's love for The Lion King and roaring, it was an easy decision that we'd all be lions for Halloween. He also loves the Toy Story movies, so I decided to have Toy Story-themed costumes for his Halloween Day at school and the Halloween festivities in our community. Here is how I created our family costumes this year with budget-friendly items that can be worn again in everyday life.

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Mason's Costumes

Considering that Mason's costume had to be functional for school and, well, #toddlerhood, I wanted to keep the clothing part of his costume as light and minimal as possible. I found a toddler set of Woody and Buzz Lightyear pajamas (under $18) and a kid's cowboy hat (under $10). He was Buzz Lightyear at one of our community's Halloween events. It was too hot outside to wear the whole pajamas set, so I just had him wear the top. Mason wore the Woody pajama set to school for his Halloween party/parade and another community event, but he did not want to wear the hat for more than five seconds. Luckily, there's still room for him to grow into the hat, so perhaps he will want to wear it again when he is older. And now he has two extra sets of pajamas; a win-win.

For Mason's official Halloween lion costume, I decided to go with a cotton yellow tee (under $10) and a pair of yellow cotton shorts (under $15). He'll wear these pieces plenty of times, and I won't have to be concerned when he inevitably gets food stains, markers, and paint on them for the lower prices of these items. Mason also had a kid-size lion mane, tail, and paws (set under $25). We were so surprised that he wore the lion mane for most of the time while we were out trick-or-treating (he did not wear the tail or paws). And yes, Mason roared a handful of times with both hands filled with candy at all times as well. Maybe someday, he'll want to be a lion again or pretend to be one around the house.

Adult Costumes

I wanted to have the same idea of functionality for our costumes and reuse most of the items again. I was trying to figure out who we should be from the Toy Story movies, but I didn't want to spend a lot on individual costumes. And so, I figured we could be the Pizza Planet delivery peeps. I found the Pizza Planet tees (under $13), and we each wore black pants that we already had in our wardrobe. Mason and B had matching lion manes, tails, and paws (adult set under $25). B wore a lightweight yellow tee (under $10) and shorts (under $20). I figured he could use these pieces for the gym or around the house. For me, I found a simple headband of lion ears and tail (under $10 - I linked similar items below). I decided to find something to wear again, either to the beach or a casual day out. I found this yellow cotton two-piece set of a v-neck ruffle crop top and wide-leg pants (under $35). I love that our outfits will be easy to wear again. We did have to layer up though because it was actually chilly outside!

Halloween Experience

It was a low-key but still fun-filled Halloween weekend! We went to a Halloween event in our community that had a bunch of fun things to do with Mason. We were the first ones to reach the bounce-house, so Mason and B did the whole thing about five times in a row. In the late afternoon on Halloween, we went trick-or-treating with friends in another neighborhood. This was our first time out and about on Halloween as a family; another memorable moment! Mason had so much fun knocking on doors, saying hello to people, grabbing candy, and then saying bye to people (about five good-byes per house; it took us a bit to leave each doorstep *chuckles*). Between running to the next house, roaring, and being in the spirit of Halloween, it was really great to see Mason just be a kid. I wonder what he'll request to be for Halloween next year...???

Thank you so much for reading, and hope everyone had a fun Halloween!



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