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Mason's New-But-Kinda-Old Learning Charts

I purchased these back in July 2020, intended as his first birthday gift.

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The wall art-learning charts for Mason's room are all finally up! Here's a quick timeline:

July 2020: Purchased the charts from Etsy. The original plan was to give them to Mason for his first birthday (August 2020). That didn't happen.

October 2020: I ordered prints from Vistaprint (more details on the paper finishes below).

December 2020: We gave these to Mason for the winter holidays. I Never hung them up.

February 2021: We packed them up for our move from NY to FL.

Fast-Forward (June 2021)

I looked around Mason's room and noticed the wall area under his window was blank; it bothered me. Then I realized that space is at the perfect height to put his learning charts! I bought these from Etsy as digital files. I love purchasing digital files because they usually consist of wall art in different sizes. So for the future, if I need to reprint (because #toddlerhood) or want to make it smaller/larger, I can do so! I chose to have the charts made in 11in. X 17in. posters by Vistaprint. The finishes I decided on for the paper: matte and lamination. I went with this size because I thought it was a perfect size for teaching Mason while not being a main focal point of his room. They do make an adorable accent and, most importantly, are so valuable for his development!

Reminder: click each photo to enlarge!


I ordered these acrylic sign holders (linked at the end of this post) instead of frames. Why? Because Mason will take wall art right off the wall. He's done it at our Mommy&Me classes. He's done it to wall art in his reach in our apartment (which has since been relocated). Each sign holder has 3M adhesive on each corner. These also came in a pack of six. I only have four learning charts, so if anything happens to any of the current sign holders, I've got a couple spares! Assembly was super easy:

  1. Remove filler paper from the sign holder.

  2. Slowly insert each poster to each sign holder.

  3. Remove 3M tape cover.

  4. Press on to the desirable place on the wall. *I pressed on the tops/bottoms for 30 seconds each.

It wouldn't be a Sarah Project without at least one mess-up. I impulsively began this project, which means I did ZERO wall measurements. I spaced the alphabet and number charts a bit too far apart. Oh well.

I purchased the following learning charts (linked at the end of this post): color chart, days of the week, alphabet, and numbers. I love the pastel colors and paintbrush look of each one. They're not intimidating or overwhelming for Mason. I think that these learning charts also compliment his room so well!


Mason loves his new-but-kinda-old learning charts! And mama is happy that empty wall space is filled. He immediately ran up to the charts. Of course, he tried grabbing the sign holders, but NOPE! These did not budge. Hopefully, they'll withstand any future attempts. I think he also likes that his room has a splash of color. His room is mainly grey and white, so these pastels were a great addition without being too loud. Best of all, they're at a great level for him to reach and point. As I explained in my previous blog post, we are really working on his verbal speech development, so I hope that these will help now and continue to help him in the future.


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Jun 18, 2021

Love the color palette of those signs!

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