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Meet The Boys: B

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Husband. Dad. MVP.

Writing about Mason's Days in the NICU had me thinking that it's time for you to meet my family. Meet the incredible human that I call "B"; real name: Brett. I'm so lucky to say that he's my husband and dad to Mason and Harvey. He has stellar stats, and honestly, sometimes I don't know why on earth he chose to spend his life with me (half-kidding).

Besides the love for his family, B is a lover of all things adventurous, smoothies, and helping others. He's been scuba diving since he was 11 years old, traveled all over the USA and Europe for tennis, and had over 60 - yes, SIXTY - pets (mostly reptiles) growing up. He prefers homemade smoothies (we're constantly restocking on frozen fruit) and is rather particular on where to get a smoothie on a hot summer day. Anywhere we've gone, whether if it's on a walk to our local park or a bus up the mountains to Nocelle, B's always willing to help someone. It can be as simple as offering a spare poop bag to another dog-parent or giving our extra bus tickets to other travelers.

It can also be something that takes a little more time. During one of our NICU visits, I had finished pumping and was going to have skin-to-skin time with Mason. B would routinely collect the pump parts in a basin and leave for a few minutes to clean them. Except for this time, he was gone for more than half an hour. When B returned, he said that he was finishing up cleaning when another man came over to the sink area. The man was carrying a bunch of pump parts in his hands and looked a little flustered. B asked him if he needed any help, and the man just started to explain his situation. The man said that this was his and his wife's first visit to their baby in the NICU; his wife had just pumped, handed him all the parts, and told him to clean them. He didn't know exactly where to go, what soap to use, or if there was a specific way to clean the pump parts. B stayed with this fellow NICU parent, taught him how to properly clean pump parts, where to keep them for safe drying, and they shared their experiences as dads thus far. Later that week, we were standing outside of the hospital, when a man came over to say hello and said, "This guy right here (pointing to B) taught me how to clean the bottles and stuff. I know it sounds silly, but it meant a lot to me. My wife says thanks, too."

So in a nutshell, that's B. You'll read more about him in my posts here and there :)

Little profiles on Harvey and Mason, coming soon...

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