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Meet the Boys: Mason

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Toddler. Avocado Lover. NICU Warrior.

How do I sum up my one-year-old?

Mason's a hoot, a mush, and an incredibly strong boy. He's always game for hugs, storytime, tickles, "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys (seriously, do not interrupt him when that song is on), Pixar movies, and I'm pretty sure he's in love with the Disney character, Moana. Mason is not a big fan of naps - he'll nap once a day in the late morning for an hour or two. He does love his bath and bedtime routine and sleeps through the night. He loves food, everything so far except for hummus. The real way to Mason's heart is giving him an avocado, smashed or in small pieces, on toast or alone. Hold up a whole avocado to this kid, and you'll have his full attention. I honestly have no idea why.

Mason's most recent milestone: WALKING!!! This means that he can explore a lot more, and we realize that we need more than just those little corner bumpers (baby-proofing post coming soon). It's so much fun watching Mason figure out this new independent skill. I love it when he walks towards me with arms open wide and gives me a great big hug. It's funny to watch him walk over to Harvey and pat his head as if he's communicating, "Good boy." Luckily, our kitchen and living room make up one room, so keeping an eye on him isn't too challenging. It's totally exhausting, but not difficult to follow him.

It's NICU Awareness Month, and today (September 30th) is NICU Awareness Day! Our very own, Mason is a NICU warrior. One day, we'll tell him all about our NICU experience and everything he endured. We are so proud of him and all he went through during his first week of life. Today, and every day, we are so thankful to the NICU team that we have a happy and healthy boy. Let's continue to honor all NICU babies, families and loved ones, and healthcare professionals!

If you'd like to read more about our NICU experience, please visit the links here:

Mason's Days in the NICU: Part: I, Part: II, and Part: III.


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2 opmerkingen

Cynthia Suapengco Delosreyes
Cynthia Suapengco Delosreyes
01 okt. 2020

Unconditionally in LOVE with this "Little Guy"!!


30 sep. 2020

Love you Mason!!! Cutie!!!

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