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Our First Family Pumpkin Patch Day

A day of festive fun with Mason and B!

Over the weekend, we had our very first pumpkin picking adventure. We went to a place called Amazing Grace Family Farms. It was so much fun with plenty of Fall activities including a pumpkin patch, corn maze, farm animals, and more. Mason had a blast running around, looking at all the pumpkins, and eating some great BBQ.

We started our day looking at the farm animals. Mason has been identifying animals and making all of their sounds, so this was a treat for him. He would point at the animals from afar and make their noises, "Oink, oink!" or "Mooooo!" but Mason would stay silent and stare in awe when we approached the animals. Up until this day, he had never seen a real cow or pig. Mason had only seen them in his storybooks.

Tip: click each photo to enlarge!

We continued to explore the farm, and took some festive photos along the way. The boys walked by a sunflower field and corn maze, had a little tug-o-war, briefly checked out a corn kernel pit, and played basketball...well, B shot the ball, and Mason watched in amazement. When we reached the back of the farm, we were all surprised to see two jumbo air pads. Mason was ecstatic. As soon as we removed his shoes and placed him on the air pad, he was off and running. After all of these activities, we took a break for lunch. B had a "Pork Parfait," which was pulled pork over mashed potatoes, and I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, and OMG, it was all delicious - according to Mason, of course.

Our last stop was at the pumpkin patch. I don't know why, but I started to tear up a little bit when I saw Mason run towards the pumpkins. I thought of a photo of my mom and me at a pumpkin patch when I was younger. I have no memory of this moment, but I know she does. And I realized that as Mason was looking at all the pumpkins that I would remember this moment. It was special in its own way. I tried to get a photo of us together, but he was more interested in rearranging the pumpkins. Oh well! Most importantly, Mason picked his first pumpkin. He ran over to a table of all the mini pumpkins, and decided on a mini orange one. A practical choice as he proudly carried it home.

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1 Comment

Oct 12, 2021

Awww. That old school pic. How cute!! Mason’s smile is contagious ❤️

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