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Summertime Cozy: The Bedding Upgrade

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Shout out to Target for those restock notifications!

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I miss shopping in-store at Target. We don't have one that's as easily accessible as we had in the past. I'll reminisce of walking through the doors, thinking that I'll only leave with what I came for. Then the next thing I know, I'm grabbing a shopping cart because suddenly I have products in my arms for gardening when I don't even garden, and I'm considering purchasing some art kits when I don't have a steady hand for that skill either. But who cares? I'm at Target! Those days are on hold for now, but there are frequent visits to Target's website.

Online shopping has been great because I know how much I'm spending as I add items to my cart. It makes it easier for me to cut out the non-essentials. Between essential and non-essential, where does new bedding fall? Yes, bedding is a basic essential, but how fancy do I want to go and how much am I willing to spend? Before this Target find, I thought that I didn't need to spend more than $40 on a duvet cover set. Why is my bedding budget on the lower end? We have a five-year-old Labrador, Harvey, who is a big fan of cuddling and sleeping on our bed, which leads me to...

What I look for when it comes to bedding (before discovering our Target bedding):

  • Easy Care - machine washable AND dryer friendly. I just don't have the space to hang dry/lay flat to dry such a large piece.

  • Bedding that I wouldn't feel bad getting rid of due to wear and tear. Harvey has occasional bursts of energy (known as zoomies) and loves lounging on the bed. With all of his spins and pulling at the bedding, a rip is bound to happen. Hence, the $40 budget.

  • I prefer to purchase sets because I feel that I get the most with the best value. Typically, a duvet set includes 1 duvet cover and 2 shams.

  • There aren't any pom-poms, long tassels, or delicate decorative features. Along with Harvey being on the bed, Mason will occasionally crawl on the bed too. While I enjoy watching him explore his curiosity of textures (and basically, everything under the sun), I don't want him ripping or plucking anything off. 1 - it's a potential choking hazard and 2 - well, there's another tally for a damaged duvet.

  • Bedding that provides light warmth and comfort for all seasons. I haven't purchased flannel bedding because we're all hot sleepers in this home. I love a cotton duvet set to go with our lightweight comforter. It's cozy, easy to clean, and we don't overheat.

With a new apartment and the opportunity to truly make this place into a home, I decided to give a little more to the bedding budget (max. amount to spend: $100). I knew that I wanted a warm neutral tone for our bedroom and found this color palette with the exact mood I was going for. I love Target's Project 62 line and immediately adored the Woven Stripe Duvet Cover Set Cream - Project 62™ + Nate Berkus™ in color, "Apricot," and for $69.99, it's perfect - but sold out. Target is so kind as to have a restock notification option, and click-eth away-eth I did-eth. Luckily, I was notified of the restock within a few days and received the new bedding a couple of days later. And I'm so happy with my purchase!

Quick highlights about this product:

  • 1 Duvet Cover + 2 Shams

  • Machine Washable (YAY!)

  • Zipper closure on duvet and shams (everything stays where it belongs)

  • Inner ties on the duvet at each corner (no awkward comforter lumps)

  • Woven texture on the top layer of the duvet and shams. Some reviews stated that it was "scratchy," but I disagree and think it's just a texture difference because it's a woven fabric. The bottom layer for the duvet and shams is super soft. This set is made of 100% Cotton.

Why I love this product (in addition to the highlights above):

  • I love the color, and it fits perfectly within the warm neutral look. It's not a super bright orange, it''s not brown, it's just as it's listed: Apricot.

  • It makes our bedroom feel more put together. Before, our bed seemed so bare as we only had the plain comforter and shams that didn't compliment the room at all. This gave our bedroom more of a personality.

  • This set helps to provide the perfect amount of weight and warmth with our comforter. I feel a great sense of calmness and coziness when I get into bed for the night. A feeling as though I've completed what I needed to do for the day and I deserve to sleep, which I'm sure most parents yearn for at the end of a day (especially with a toddler!).

  • It's Harvey and Mason - friendly. The stitching on the duvet and shams on the top layer is simple and small enough that Harvey nor Mason can pull at it. I don't foresee any rips (easily) happening anytime soon. Another note - this top layer is not uncomfortable to sleep on, and I can attest as I am a side sleeper. I can sleep on either side of the pillow and still have a solid night's rest!

There are still a few accents I'd like to add to the will all come together in good time. I hope you found this helpful and inspired to make your space into what you want, too!

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