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The Miracle Sippy Cup

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Some have to see it to believe it.

DISCLOSURE: the products listed on this page contain affiliate links. What does this mean? It means that if you make a purchase directly through one of the links below, I'll receive a small commission - at no additional cost to you.

All products will be linked at the end of the post.

Thank you for reading!

When it comes to sippy cups - are there any specific styles your child prefers? Any particular features you look for before purchasing?

How many sippy cups can one kid have? 1...4...7+? There's no wrong answer as I stress again that every baby is different! There's a lot of trial and error, and it's not subject to just working on a daily routine, feeding times, bath time, or a bedtime routine. It comes down to clothing, toys, utensils, bowls - literally, everything is a test for the first few days (sometimes even more, which is OK) that it's introduced to your little one.

How did I know Mason was ready for a sippy cup? He was starting to take interest and attempted to hold his bottle during feeds. His pediatrician also informed us that (if we hadn't already), we could start introducing water in a sippy cup. Luckily, I already had 2 different types of sippy cups from my registry and was excited to have Mason test them out. My plan was to have him try each sippy cup for a couple of weeks to see what did/did not work.

Sippy Cup #1 - Nuby Super Spout Grip N' Sip Cup is an easy starter sippy cup.

  • For babies 4+ months, holds up to 8 oz., and dishwasher safe (top-rack).

  • It's very sturdy with large handles, which I found made it easy for Mason to grasp.

  • It's description listed "No-Spill". Mason is a very active baby, and 99% of the time, the cup ends up on its side. I noticed that this cup did leak out of the spout when it was on its side and tilted downward. I assume this is from the pressure of the spout touching the play mat.

  • It's affordable! $3.49 for one cup off the brand's direct site (check out the link above for more info on this item). Also, comes in other colors and is available as a set of 2 on Amazon.

Sippy Cup #2 - Oxo Tot Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup is great for on the go.

  • For babies 4+ months., holds up to 6 oz., and dishwasher safe (top-rack).

  • This sippy cup is shorter in height, which makes it easy to pack into your stroller, diaper bag, or backpack.

  • There are removable handles and a removable cover. This is great if your baby is in the "oh-let's-drop-everything-phase". I can simply click the lid shut while we're out and still let Mason hold his sippy cup without worrying about the spout getting dirty. It also prevents leaks!

  • It's a bit higher in price at $9.99 for one cup. This cup comes in other colors, too.


All of this being said, please allow me to introduce you to the

Munchkin Miracle 360° Cup

I purchased this cup in a set of 2 for $11.79, and so far, I have ZERO complaints! This cup is so smooth in design, easy to clean, and most importantly, Mason loves it! Here are some key features and why this cup is (in my opinion) perfect:

  • For toddlers, 12+ months, holds up to 10 oz., dishwasher safe (top-rack).

  • A spoutless, 360° edge so your child can drink from any side of the cup. I'll be honest, before giving this to Mason, I tried it. I had to know how this cup really worked and learned that the top of the cup automatically seals when your toddler is done drinking. Brilliant.

  • There are no handles. We want Mason to start learning how to hold a cup as we do, and learn some self-control on how much to tilt a cup while drinking. There is such minimal spill after he drinks (we like to think that Mason gets excited and believes he can drink so much water in one sip), and no leaks when he puts it down during playtime. He can place this cup on its side or upside down, and there are no leaks. Now if he slams the cup, or drops it from his highchair, of course, there are a few drops. Nothing major to clean up, so this mama is happy!

  • It's so easy to clean. There are no tricky straws, spouts, or extra external parts. There are just 3 parts to this cup (pictured below). It's easy to detach/reattach the valve top from the collar.

  • This brand also has a whole page dedicated to replacement parts. So if there is an oopsie daisy moment with a part of the cup, fear not, it can be replaced.

  • Want to see this cup in action? Check out my Instagram @thesomedayroom !

I get it. Searching for goods that work for your little one can be super confusing and overwhelming. I still feel this way when I'm trying to get the best product that suits Mason. Hopefully, this helped to make your search a little simpler and put your mind a bit more at ease. Feel free to comment below or contact me with any questions about the little goods in this post!


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Sarah | the someday room
Sarah | the someday room
Aug 20, 2020

I'm always looking for replacement parts and often bummed to learn that I have to return or order a whole new product. I'm glad you found this helpful :) And noted on the small rubber piece for cleaning! Thanks for reading xo


Aug 20, 2020

Oh my god. I’be been looking for replacement parts!!! Thank you!! Also tidbit. There’s a small rubber piece around the white part with the holes. Be sure to also take that off every now and then to wash too. Can get yucky.

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