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Therabox Self-Care Collaboration

I've teamed up with Therabox to share my experience with their self-care products.

Disclosure: I was given these complimentary products in exchange for my review.


What is Therabox?

Therabox is a subscription box with self-care products and one therapeutic activity. Each box is curated by therapists and includes six to eight full-sized self-care products. There's $120+ worth of products that come in each box, and boxes start at $35. Simply choose your desired subscription ("Happiness Plan"), and enjoy! Perhaps you know someone who would love a Therabox subscription or even a single box as a gift. There are plenty of more options at The Happy Shoppe through Therabox as well.

What I Received From Therabox

I was gifted the Slumber Box, which has $200+ worth of full-sized products and one therapeutic activity. Along with being happy to receive so many beautiful self-care items, on a personal note, I was excited to have the Slumber Box. And why was I so excited? Because I have trouble falling asleep. I'm not an insomniac; I don't take anything to help me sleep. My mind tends to race at night, and I can't ease myself to sleep every night. I was thrilled to see so many slumber-themed products and learn about each item in the accompanying booklet.

The Goods


A CBD oil tincture (1000mg) that "will calm and relax your senses" (Therabox) before bedtime. It will not get you high, but it can help you drift off into your nightly slumber. The recommended method is to take half a dropper under your tongue, allow it to absorb for approximately 20 seconds then swallow.


An overnight mask to hydrate and bring that glow back while you sleep. This multivitamin mask nourishes your skin with essential vitamins and hyaluronic acid. It's recommended to use this mask two to three times per week; apply it as a thin layer, then cleanse your face per usual the following morning.


The "Self Care Bundle" of essential oil nose rings comes as five individually packaged silicone nasal diffusers. These small latex-free rings are reusable up to thirty times, and you can even use your own essential oils after adequately cleaning the ring. Each ring has a specific aroma, from scents such as lavender to wild orange, to help you feel more relaxed or energized for your self-care time wherever and whenever you want.


This mint and eucalyptus night cream helps hydrate your skin and even out your complexion. It also "promises to restore elasticity, renew cells, and nourish your skin." The recommended application is to put this desired amount of cream on your face every night before bed and pat until it is fully absorbed.


A hot and cool gel bead eye mask to help soothe and comfort your eyes. The beads can be stored in the refrigerator or warmed up in the microwave. The cool eye mask can help ease tired, puffy eyes. According to Therabox's description booklet, the "hot" (warm*) eye mask "aids in relaxation, reduces congested sinuses and increases blood flow." You can wear this mask over your eyes, forehead, or even the back of your neck.


This Full Moon Bath Bomb Set consists of a blend of essential oils, including chamomile, ylang-ylang, mandarin, and more. Offers a relaxing self-care bath before bedtime. Easy as dropping the bath bomb into your tub and allow it to dissolve in the water.


A hibiscus and dragonfruit flavored still water with no caffeine or added sugar. This botanical blend of ingredients can help you distress, enhance sleep quality, and feel like a reset for you each day.


The Sleep and Evening Journal is the therapeutic activity of this Therabox. It is a guided journal to assist you in establishing and understanding the importance of an evening routine for better sleep.

My Review

I enjoyed testing out these products! My favorites were the Essence Self-Care Bundle of Nose Diffusers, Grace & Stella Hot and Cool Gel Bead Eye Mask, and Professor Herb's Mint & Eucalyptus Night Cream. For me, I felt at ease while wearing the Essence nose diffusers. The lavender one was my favorite, and I love that these are reusable with my own essential oils. These nose rings don't have any weight to them, so it's not tugging at your nose or in the way. I always appreciate a good eye mask. I like that the one by Grace & Stella can be used either warmed up in the microwave or cold from the refrigerator. Personally, I prefer cool eye gels, so I had this one in the fridge for the most part. As for the night cream by Professor Herb, I love anything mint and eucalyptus. It's great for my sensitive skin, and I felt so refreshed after using this face cream overnight. This was a wonderful collaboration with Therabox!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Therabox and my reviews. To receive a 10% discount on your first purchase, use code: SARAHB10 at checkout!

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