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We Finally Have A Good Couch

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

And when I say "good," I mean GREAT!


If you've seen my Instagram stories, then you may already know: I canceled the order on our first couch from West Elm. Long story short, the estimated delivery date changed from late October - early November to late January - early February. Clearly, I couldn't wait 3 months for a couch to get here because our old faux leather couch was literally falling apart. Anytime Mason was on that couch, his little foot would sink into the ripped seams, creating a larger rip, and the other scratches (it's ok, Harvey) were also continuing to rip open. I quickly went online to look at the other couches I considered, but either the delivery estimates were similar to West Elm's, or the couches were out of our budget.

My Breakdown of Lovesac's Sactional

B reminded me that we considered Lovesac, but at the time when we were initially looking, the Lovesac sectionals called "sactionals," were also out of our budget. Ah, but now there are BLACK FRIDAY SALES, so I decided to take a further look, and ended up purchasing our sactional the next day (Black Friday Sale: total approx. $3,800 + free shipping). Click the list to read my breakdown of what I love about the sactional for my family's lifestyle.


Upon going to the "Sactionals" section of Lovesac's website, there were several preconfigured sactionals (yes, I'll continue using their term for "sectional") that I could customize. After looking at the different measurements vs. space we have in our home, I decided to get the "4 Seats + 5 Sides" configuration. I was then brought to the customizing page to choose types of seats, sides, fabrics, filling, and accessories. I read that I could rotate the seat 90º to create a deeper seat - AMAZING! The standard seat depth is 29" and the deeper seat is 35". The fact that I could have both options in one seat is so cool. Also, having this set-up with the deeper seating allowed the sactional to fit perfectly in our living space. While the standard seating would still work, it's just not ideal for our living room set-up right now. The width for this sactional with standard seating is 129" and with deeper seating is approx. 101".

Since I wanted to have a deeper seat, I consulted with Lovesac's customer service to learn more about the two different types of sides: standard 35" wide and deep 29" wide. I learned that I needed the deep sides to accommodate the deeper seat configuration. Simple! What's also great is that there wasn't a price difference on the standard side vs. the deep side.

Next, the fun part - choosing fabric and filling! There were so many options, but I knew that I wanted something machine washable, and preferably something in-stock/ready to ship. Luckily, there were 28 quick-ship fabric options to choose from. While I would love to have a custom ivory-cream colored couch, it's not the right time with a toddler and a Labrador. Also, the custom fabric options are non-returnable because these are made-to-order. But it's nice to know that I can purchase new covers for a couch refresh, if ever desired. Choosing the fabric type was easy - something with a tight weave, durable, and family-friendly. I decided on one of Lovesac's new fabrics, "Glacier Crossweave, a lighter grey with cool undertones. The filling selection was simple - I kept the standard foam option over the other two options (down blend and luxurious blend). I appreciated that each item had a small "i" button for more information on the item and any warranty information.

I placed the order for a sactional on November 16th. I received everything on November 21st. I knew I ordered one of the quick-ship fabrics, but wow! I was not expecting the shipping to be so quick. While Lovesac did inform me that it would take 1-4 weeks for delivery and that my shipments may arrive at different times, I was happy that I received everything in one delivery (multiple boxes). A+ for Lovesac on processing, shipping, and delivery.


I did watch Lovesac's quick videos on unpacking and setting up sactionals, which were very helpful. B and I followed the recommendations to keep the unpacking process organized as we opened and grouped each of the parts accordingly. This definitely spared us the stress and made clean-up and recycling much easier! That reminds me - as noted on Lovesac's site here, they're committed to recycling and reducing their total impact on the environment.

I love that we didn't have to use any power tools or any tools in general. Everything we needed came in the boxes for each part. We received 11 boxes in total, which naturally is a little intimidating, but each box (seats, covers, sides) was labeled, so we didn't have to open a box and wonder which part we were working with. The hardware (sactional shoes, clamps, felt pads, sactional feet) came very organized in its own packaging within the seat packaging. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to unpack and arrange the pieces. Soon enough, we were assembling the sactional itself! We put the covers and feet on each seat and set those up to our desired configuration. Next, we slid the sactional shoes under the seats. Sactional shoes are these squares with four holes to insert the seats' feet and attach the seats together. We put the covers on the seat and back cushions (the seat covers came with a little pocket to tuck the zipper into - hidden from Mason and Harvey!), added these to the couch, and we were done! Between unpacking, assembling everything, and keeping Mason happy and occupied this took us about 2.5 hours to complete.


It's surprising how much space we each have on this couch. We can all fit on at one time and comfortably, which is impressive considering Harvey usually sprawls out and does not move for anyone. I love that the sides that serve as the arms of the sactional are wide, so we don't experience that awkward elbow slide off or anything. We have an extra back cushion since we use one of the seats as just the ottoman, but I assume we'll be taking that cushion out for Mason to have another fun spot to lean. The best part about this couch is knowing that I can just toss any of the covers into the washing machine. One less thing to stress about for this mama!

I want to mention that it is important to follow all of the instructions and recommendations for the sactional...these exist for a reason! I read a few reviews that claimed the cushions are very flat, but I found the cushions were flat due to the efficient packaging. Lovesac does note this and recommends how to properly fluff the seat and back cushions, which I followed, and I have no complaints. Our standard foam cushions are so cozy - not too firm or too soft that I feel as if I'm hitting the couch's back frame.

It feels great to finally have a couch that we can all enjoy. Harvey can nap on one side while Mason is babbling and playing with his toys on the other side. B and I finally feel relaxed on this sactional, which is a first since all of our past couches were all very stiff or easily damaged. I'm incredibly impressed with how fast we received our sactional and so happy with the final product. Lovesac claims that the furniture is "built to last," and I do have a very strong feeling that this sactional will be with us for a very long time.


A note for the reader: I want to be clear that this post was not sponsored/not an ad. I'm just so thrilled with this couch and if you've read Part I & Part II of this whole situation, you can imagine how relieved I am that it's all done! Thank you for reading and I'll keep you posted on how the couch is holding up in the next few months!

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2 commentaires

Sarah | the someday room
Sarah | the someday room
01 déc. 2020

OMG Yes! Those are so comfortable!! Thank you for reading :)


24 nov. 2020

Love LoveSac. I can only dream to have one of their humongous bean bags haha.

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