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We're Building A Townhouse: Part VI

Pre-Drywall Inspection

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We had our pre-drywall inspection with our construction manager and realtor. Before this meeting, we hired our own inspector to do a full check on the house and submit a report to all of us before our pre-drywall inspection. B and I aren't experts in this field, so having an inspector was a must. Our inspector checked everything: the roof, foundation, structure (beams, windows, door frames, floors), screws and nails, pipes and plumbing, electric, etc.

B and I also did a few walk-throughs of the house before the official inspection and emailed our list of things we noticed to our inspector, realtor, and construction manager. This way, by the time we met for the pre-drywall inspection, everyone knew what still had to be fixed in the house.

We did a thorough walk-through of the house at our pre-drywall inspection, following our inspector's report, floor plan, and items list. It's important to address everything, big and small, at this inspection so that (ideally) when it moves on to the drywall process, everything that's supposed to be done with the house is set. Otherwise, the builder will have to go back into the drywall and fix things. All this to say, it's not uncommon to have to go into the drywall post-installation. This is to lessen the amount of what will need fixing in the walls and ceilings (outlets, lighting, plumbing, etc.), and with hopes to prevent that from happening.

Along with our construction manager and realtor, we checked everything. To give you an idea, here's a brief list of some of the things we reviewed during our pre-drywall inspection:

  • Outlets are all facing the correct direction and in evenly spread out/practical locations

  • Location of all pendants, high-hats, and switches

  • Screws for the pipes and pipe placements are correctly secured

  • Set up for our ceiling rain shower

  • Any parts of the foundation that need repair

  • Any bouncy floorboards that need more screws

  • Locations of our A/C, water heater, thermostat, and fuse box

  • Electrical wiring is set up in the correct places

  • Which direction doors open

  • Test sliding door opens and locks correctly

After reviewing our list with the construction manager and realtor a few times, we confirmed what needs to be fixed before they install drywall. Next steps for our construction process: once the builder's team tackles our list, they'll install insulation. After insulation, they'll install drywall, paint, and install cabinets. Around the time they're done installing cabinets, we'll get our estimated closing date. (YAY!!!!!!)


Thank you so much for reading, and of course, more to come!

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