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We're Building A Townhouse: Part VII

Quick Update!

A super quick update on our house: we've gone from insulation to drywall! Over the past few weeks our builder has been completing the items from our pre-drywall inspection. We were able to move on to insulation installation (the stuff that looks like cotton candy). Once our interior lighting and primary bathroom shower plumbing was relocated (per our pre-drywall items checklist) and approved by us, the builder began drywall installation. After the builder finishes the drywall installation, they'll prime, and paint the walls then start on the kitchen cabinet installation. Once cabinets are installed we'll receive our projected closing date.

Click the photos to enlarge!

Insulation and Beginning of Drywall Installation

Current Drywall Installation


Thank you so much for reading, and of course, more to come!

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1 Comment

Aug 13, 2022

Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with this blank canvas!

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