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We're Building A Townhouse: Part VIII

The interior design has begun!

We've had a few big installments done in the house. Of course, some items need to be fixed or relocated with all the construction progress. We document and communicate anything we notice along the way to our builder to make the necessary changes. We've had lights relocated, beams re-installed, and I'm sure there will be more. It's all a part of the home-building process.

We love walking through the house, seeing what's been done, catching what needs repair, and looking ahead. We're still waiting on a projected closing date, and I'm really trying to control my excitement, though all my saved tabs on my laptop, which are organized by each room in our home, would say otherwise.

Reminder: Click on photos to enlarge!

Here are the updates on our townhome to date:


The builder installed our cabinets for our kitchen, primary bathroom, and Mason's bathroom. I was definitely not expecting these to be done when we checked on the house, and I started tearing up when we approached the kitchen. The builder also installed the kitchen cabinet hardware, which are large brass handles, and that for the primary bathroom, which are knotted-ended oiled bronze handles. We're currently waiting for the hardware on Mason's cabinet and countertops for all!

Bathroom Tiles

Our primary bathroom floor, shower tile, and shower floor tiles were installed! Most of the floor is covered, so I could only get a bit of it in a photo (pictured above in the bottom left image with the three white cabinet drawers). The builder had installed a corner shelf in our shower, but we had this removed as it wasn't included in our design. We have a built-in shower nook to hold our bath toiletries.

Our powder room's terracotta floor tiles were installed, too! They're hexagons, I'm obsessed with them, and that's all for that room so far.

Mason's bathroom shower tile (white square tiles) and correct corner shelf were completed. However, there was a mix-up with the floor tiles. We have the same floor tile type for the laundry room, just in a different color. The laundry room floor tile was installed in Mason's bathroom, and Mason's bathroom floor tile was installed in the laundry room. We notified the builder of the necessary swap, and the builder removed the floor and reset it to have the correct tiles installed in both rooms.

Staircase Trim and Wall Primer

Our walls have been painted with primer, and the staircase and baseboards' trim is complete. We anticipate that these will need touch-ups towards our closing date as there will still be plenty of items going in and out of the house. Oh, and our doors have been installed! No handles yet.


Thank you so much for reading, and of course, more to come!

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Sep 26, 2022

So exciting!

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