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We're (Finally) Investing in a Good Couch: Part I

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

We've been married for 5 years. We have a toddler and a dog. It's time.


When we first moved to NYC, we had a cozy (less than 600 sq.ft.) one-bedroom apartment. I purchased a grey leather 3-seater sofa (discontinued, Macy's Furniture Sale Item $899) that lasted for almost 4 years and even made it over to our two following apartments. Harvey was still in his wear and tear puppy phase, so that couch took many hits (scratches, vomit, the works). When Mason was born, we quickly noticed that we needed more room and seating for all of us. The grey couch had also developed a foul scent over time, and no matter how much I cleaned it to rid of this smell, it would always come back. We offered the couch up to other people in the building (disclosing the scent, we're not monsters), and maintenance ended up taking it off our hands.

A bit flustered, I went on Wayfair and bought a small faux leather sectional $699. The new sectional arrived a couple weeks later. We moved out of NYC in May of this year, and this sectional lasted in our current place until mid-July. One of the seams started to rip, and in no time, it popped. There's also the usual wear and tear, but some tears that were initially small and seemingly easy to deal with, have grown into making our sectional uninviting and uncomfortable. This sectional was still under warranty, and after contacting Wayfair, we were supposed to be sent a replacement by mid-August. After a couple of weeks, I hadn't received an update on our replacement being shipped, so I checked my email and learned that our order for a replacement was canceled. An additional email from Wayfair then stated that I would receive a full refund. I'm glad that we were getting our money back, but now what?

*Hover over each photo for short details

We've finally reached the realization that it's time to invest in a good couch. Our reasoning is simple: spending less money on a couch has only resulted in the quick need for replacements. If we continue doing this, we'll just be spending more money over time. All of this is under the assumption that investing in a higher quality couch will give it a longer lifetime in our home.

Here is what we're looking for in our next couch:

  • Slipcover sectional - between Harvey and Mason, I need something that's machine washable or dry-cleaned.

  • Non-removable back cushions. Why? Harvey LOVES loose pillows and blankets. Once he finds out that a cushion comes off, it's game over.

  • Tight-weave fabric. Durable, family-friendly, and again, ideally machine washable.

  • A lighter color (not ivory or cream colors, we can't go crazy over here). I think that a lighter neutral color will help brighten up the room (lighter grey, medium sandy colors). We've always stuck to dark tones, and I've noticed it makes our space feel dull and smaller.

  • Budget max. $4,000. We want our couch to last more than a couple of years, so we're willing to spend more at this time.

Part II coming soon...Check-out my IG @thesomedayroom for more updates!

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