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We're Moving: Part II

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

And it's happening in 1 week.

Ooo if you haven't already, be sure to read PART I!!


We have exactly one more week until we officially hit the road for Florida. We crossed many items off our list; So many that we have just a couple things left! The big items that we've completed this week:

  • Book movers

  • Book hotel stay

  • Book rental car

  • Get an apartment (Florida)

So far, I am very happy with the moving company ("Imperial Movers"). For every move in the past 6 years, I've researched and coordinated movers. Doing this during the pandemic has been quite different than before. In the past, I'd either send an items list with corresponding furniture photos/measurements, or a representative from a potential moving company would come to our apartment, look at our items, and provide a quote. This time, I provided an items list and FaceTimed with representatives from different moving companies, and then everything afterward was communicated via email. We chose this company because the representative is very communicative and offered the best service package. This is our first big long-distance move as a family, so I'm thrilled that we booked a moving company that I'm comfortable with! And so, we've been packing a lot lately.

Here's our general plan for the movers:

  • Movers deliver 40 boxes to our current apartment (assorted sizes)

  • We pack our own boxes (I'm color coding with large neon labels!)

  • Movers arrive 02/17 for pick-up (boxes and furniture)

  • Movers arrive at our new apartment 02/22-02/23 (absolute latest)

We are heading for Florida on 02/19. Flying is out of the question - we will not put Harvey under a plane. The Auto-Train was out because Harvey exceeds the weight limit (only small dogs and cats are permitted). The last and doable option: rent a car. Well, actually, a large truck that will fit our family (myself, B, Mason & Harvey), PLUS: a stroller, travel crib, air mattresses + basic bedding, luggage, Harvey's food container, and essential supplies. We will be staying in a hotel for one night in North Carolina, our halfway mark of the trip to Florida. I called the hotel and did a whole run-through of their health and safety precautions; MAMA DOES NOT PLAY! It will be Mason and Harvey's first time staying in a hotel. I'm excited and, naturally, nervous about our first road trip with a toddler. Oh, and I should mention that Harvey is a part of the sliver percentage of dogs who do not like car rides. Yet, it will all be worth it because...

WE GOT A NEW APARTMENT IN FLORIDA!!! I have been yearning to share this but wanted the official papers signed, which happened earlier this week. We'll be in a 2 bedroom/2 full bath apartment, which we live in now, but the new apartment has more space. We arrive at our new place on 02/20, so we'll have a day or two without furniture and the rest of our belongings. Luckily, it's warmer in Florida *sigh of relief*, so I can assume we'll be spending most of our time outside and grocery shopping to fill those days. I'll also have some household essentials in our new home (baby-proofing items, supplies for cleaning, laundry, and bathrooms). I can't wait to share all of the updates and home decor as we settle in. This time I'll be able to share more details on Mason's room. His room is my favorite one here, and I'm confident it will be my favorite room there, too.

That's the main chunk of updates for now!

Much more to come...

Be sure to follow my Instagram and check-out my IG Stories + Story Highlight, "En Route," where I'll be sharing more moments with our moving process!

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