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What We've Been Up To: Part II

Family and friends visiting, beach days, and more Georgia!

The Friends Visits Begin

I haven't seen some of my girlfriends since before the pandemic...some time around Christmas 2019 - February 2020. While FaceTime and phone calls are wonderful, it doesn't replace a hug from a bestie, and chatting over some NY pizza and drinks together.

My dear friend Joanne came to visit us from New York. We went to the beach and collected some shells to Mason's brief amusement. Naturally, it was boiling hot out, so we made our way over to the pool to swim and have some refreshments. They serve non-alcoholic piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris - these are Mason's favorite! We were absolutely exhausted after our day out. Luckily, Mason took a long nap as soon as we got home, which meant the rest of us also took good nap!

B had the idea for us to take a day trip to Savannah, Georgia. None of us had ever been, so we were really excited about it! The drive there was a bit longer than to Cumberland Island, but we left very early Saturday morning to avoid any possible traffic. I packed extra everything from diapers, snacks, clothes, and toys to keep Mason occupied and comfortable for the car ride. We decided to start at Savannah's Waterfront, which sits right on the Savannah River, following River Street. I loved walking on the cobblestone streets (though it's a tad challenging with a stroller) and seeing how this city keeps the old with the new.

Learn more about Savannah's Waterfront/River Street here.

We didn't exactly seek out any tours or plan activities for our day trip. However, we decided to walk towards Forsyth Park to see the fountain and check out Chippewa Square. We didn't realize how many park squares there are in Savannah, and we were total tourists taking photos of everything and reading the little historical plaques on the way. Why Chippewa Square? Well, we wanted to see the famous Forrest Gump bench. When we arrived at the square we walked the perimeter a couple of times, only to learn that this damn bench wasn't there. It's in a museum. And so, we all had a good laugh over trying to find the non-existent bench in Chippewa Square.

As we continued our walk to Forsyth Park, I continued to obsess over each townhouse lining the streets. I mean, these homes are out of a storybook; charming, some historical, and filled with character. I imagined each home opening up like a dollhouse, showing the different rooms with different painted walls and decor. When I was a child, my mom would read me a dollhouse fold-out book, The Cottage at the End of the Lane by Elaine Mills. These homes reminded me of this book. The rooms in the dollhouses were so detailed according to the family living there. Anyway, as we passed each townhouse I apparently kept saying, "OMG B, look at that home!" and he'd reply, "Honey, you said that about the last 20 houses."He was 100% correct.

We made it to Forsyth Park, and the fountain was gorgeous! It's over 150 years old - learn more about this park here. It was so hot outside by the time we reached the fountain around 11AM. Mason was overheating and getting agitated in the stroller (we don't blame him). As we were making our way around an outdoor cafe to find a popsicle stand, we found a splash pad. To say the least, Mason had a blast running through the water, cooling off and burning some energy. Afterward, Joanne got him his first creamsicle popsicle (thanks, Aunt Jo)!

We stayed mainly within the Historic Landmark District that day. We passed by local shops from clothing stores, lots of antique shops, and cafes. We'd parked our car back by the waterfront - another part of #adulthood: when you find good parking, leave your car there and do the walk. On our walk back to the car, we unintentionally walked through the City Market, and while we would've probably gotten lunch there, it was getting scorching hot out, and we were a bit overwhelmed with all the eateries. We decided to grab a bite on the waterfront, which was calmer and had more space for us with Mason's stroller. We got fish and steak tacos at Savannah Tequila Co. If anyone's curious, Mason had quesadillas and french fries.

The drive home was understandably tough for Mason, and we hit some traffic, so it took a little longer than we anticipated. He was exhausted from being outside all day and just needed to be back home, bathed, and in his crib. With Mason still being so young, B and I would probably go back to Savannah to do a weekend getaway just the two of us or with friends again in the future. I loved walking around and just taking it all in, and I would love to experience and see more of the city. I'm so happy we were all able to experience that day. It'll be fun to show Mason photos of him running around Savannah when he's older. Maybe someday, Mason will ask us to take a trip there, too! And if you're thinking about going to Savannah...Go :)

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