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We're Building A Townhouse: Part V

Spoiler Alert: We've got a frame and a roof!

I am thrilled to have a home update! Once a week or so, B will pop by the house to see how far along it's gotten. Due to labor and supply shortages, it's expected that there will be delays. We do our best to stay realistic about our closing date, which is still TBD but projected for this November. We wouldn't be surprised if our closing date was pushed. It's happened to nearly everyone we know who's gone through this process. It's become the new norm of having a home built, but that's okay. At the end of it all, we'll have a home that we love, and a home built the right way.

Our home has come a long way from being an empty lot. The land was grated and sectioned off. For the house: stakes were posted, plumbing was installed, concrete poured, the initial structure was built with an open roof, and now framed with a completed roof and some windows. We're able to locate each room in our house, which was so satisfying to walk through.

Click on the photos to enlarge!

(Photos from left to right: kitchen, kitchen/part of living space, and partial view of first floor)

I started to well-up when I saw Mason's room. It became more real to me that this is happening and I couldn't help but smile. By the time we walked into our primary bedroom, I was in full happy tears. Just as I immediately imagined us living in this house as soon as we walked into the model home back in November - I was able to imagine all of the designs we put together for our house. I immediately pictured Mason playing in his room and the loft space. I imagined our families hanging out in the kitchen. I saw myself looking at the view of the pond from our bedroom window. Everything about this home feels right. I'm just so grateful that B and I are doing this and that we're creating this home for our little family.

(Photos from left to right: kitchen, entrance to primary bedroom, and partial view of second floor)


Thank you so much for reading! Still more to come...

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Jun 11, 2022

So exciting!!!

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