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We're Building A Townhouse: Part IV

The Design Appointment: The Second Floor

The second floor of our townhome was easy to design! Why? Because it's Mason's floor. This part of the house consists of a loft with an alcove, Mason's bedroom, one full bath, and one storage closet.

Click on the photos to enlarge!

Loft Floor

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, We're Building A Townhouse: Part III, we had room in the budget to have Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) floors installed in the entire loft space. We contemplated between having LVP in our primary bedroom and primary closets - OR - the loft space. Doing our best to stick to the budget, it came down to which one we preferred to have done now versus later. We would've had carpeting installed in the loft if we had opted for the LVP in our primary suite. The loft space will be Mason's main play space and a guest space for our family and friends when they come to visit. Note: Sound is not a high concern because 90% of the second floor is above our two-car garage. The other 10% is the full bath and little hallway nook to Mason's room above the first-floor powder room and foyer. Our parent brains buzzed:

  • Our pros of a carpeted loft: plush flooring for Mason and slight padding for when he jumps off the couch, falls, or anything toddler park-core.

  • Our cons of a carpeted loft: spills and stains (food, drinks, paint, etc.), and it will be a high-traffic area. And of course, the aesthetic of our home's living spaces would also be disrupted.

We decided to go with LVP for the loft space mainly because it would be too much of a hassle to have it done later, and again, we just loved the look of the LVP in that space!

Mason's Bedroom

Similar to our primary bedroom, all we had to select for this room was the flooring. We opted for the same quality carpeting as our room, which has a barrier that keeps stains at the surface for easy cleaning. Mason's carpet is called "Washed Linen," a sandy beige with hints of white and light brown. Done! For the design and overall feel of Mason's room, I envision a bungalow-vibe with jungle animal accent pieces and neutral colors with a hint of green. Mhmm, my Pinterest board for Mason's room is right here.

Second Floor Bathroom

We opted for the basics for Mason's full bathroom (and occasional guest bathroom when friends and family visit). We wanted this room to be kid-friendly in design, bright and simple. The wall tiles in the tub/shower will be an artic white square tile, and the sink counterop will be an ivory white hi mac. We opted for upgrades in the sink counter height, faucets, and shower head.


One of the structural elevations I mentioned in We're Building A Townhouse: Part II is an open-railing oakwood staircase. The first floor's open concept and the staircase caught our attention when we first looked at the model house. We had fun looking at the different upgrade options, from the traditional round finish to the wide square-cut finish. We opted for the wide square-cut finish with white wooden rails (instead of iron) and a dark wood stain finish in "willowbend."


Thank you so much for reading! Still more to come...

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