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Meet The Boys: Harvey

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Big Brother. Doesn't Fetch. Professional Napper.

Our eldest son is an English Labrador Retriever named Harvey Specter. He is this household's emotional stability, and I don't know where we'd be without him. When B and I were in college, we'd watch a show called Suits. One evening, I asked him that if we ended up together in the long run, could we get a dog and name him after our favorite character, Harvey Specter. Well, fast forward a few years, we're married, and two days after our wedding day, we picked up our very own Harvey Specter (he was only a few weeks old!).

Now, our five-year-old Harvey is a bit quirky. He's not the best tracker - if the treat isn't directly in front of him, he'll need an extra minute to find it, or stare at you to get it. Harvey isn't very graceful - he rolls off the bed during his sleep and walks into walls if he turns a corner too quickly. He's a water dog that's not a fan of water - he avoids or jumps over puddles, and additionally, he doesn't like mud (I'm not complaining).

I'd say Harvey's day can be divided into three major parts: watching Mason, eating, and napping. If Mason is having a fit or crying, Harvey also cries and sometimes will act on this as a first-time parent, usually offering Mason a kiss or a soft nudge. When it's time to feed Mason, Harvey is right by his side to catch any spares (Mason will usually feed him, too, as we monitor). If Mason and I leave to go on a stroll, B says that Harvey cries and waits by the front door until we return. If we're all out on a walk together, Harvey will essentially "herd" us and doesn't like it when anyone lags. When Harvey is "off-duty," he's napping on the couch or the bed. And yes, he sometimes snores.

Bringing Mason home for the first time was a surprise to Harvey. While he was extra protective of me throughout my pregnancy, I think seeing his new little brother stressed him out. Yet, after the first night of Mason in our home, we like to think that Harvey just knew that this kid's here to stay. Harvey was very on edge for the first couple of weeks, but as time goes on, he continues to be patient and adapt to Mason's changes from infancy to his current toddler-hood.

Harvey's unconditional love for all of us is so true and irreplaceable. Anytime I've had a mama meltdown, or any rough day even before becoming a mama, Harvey's always there for me, resting his head on my lap or cuddling close. He's genuinely a good boy.

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