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Summertime Cool: The Baby Bedding Upgrade

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Keeping my little one cool, even through naps and bedtime.

What do you look for while shopping for your baby's bedding? Prints or solids? Flannel or jersey knit sheets?

Fitted crib sheets are put through a tough run, repeatedly. These sheets are the recipients of nighttime and sometimes nap time, "accidents." I use the word "accidents" lightly because well, the simple fact is that babies can't control when they pee, poop, spit-up, etc. When you pick your baby up from the crib, think - what is the crib sheet's condition? Is it dry or soaked through to the mattress? Did the print fade from the first wash? Did any of the corners not stay securely around the mattress?

In case of any little accident, I always keep extra crib sheets in Mason's dresser (I have 4 sheets in total). It's not just about the sheets, though. I think it's also helpful to have a mattress protector. This can be a full protector that encloses your baby's entire mattress or a fitted top cover, often waterproof for those accidents. Here are the two that I have and quick notes about each:

  • Full protection encloses the entire mattress with zipper closure

  • Protects mattress from bed bugs and household allergens

  • Waterproof

  • Machine washable

  • Can be used under mattress pad covers

This is the one that I always have on Mason's mattress. I love that it protects the whole mattress and not just the top. Anything machine washable for me is a win. I always hang-dry this after washing, and since it's fit for a crib mattress, it doesn't take up much space. The fact that it's also waterproof is even better. It doesn't move or make extra noise under a fitted crib sheet. I think the price is affordable and worth it. It'll save you so much time spent on cleaning a mattress!

  • Heat-deflecting fabric (for the hot sleeper)

  • Fully elasticized for an extra secure fit around the mattress

  • Waterproof barrier

  • Machine washable, dryer friendly

This is my back-up mattress cover. When Mason was younger, we were swapping his crib sheets more often during the week. When the crib sheet gets spit-up, the mattress protector thankfully does its job, but then the protector also needs to be cleaned! I suggest having a spare mattress protector to ensure that the crib mattress is continuously protected. With babies, you never know when the next accident comes about *sigh*. I'm aware this one is on the pricier side and luckily I received this one off my registry. It's super thick, making it seem very comfortable for Mason, and when he has used it, he's not sweating!

OK, now for the fun part: picking out crib sheets! Consider the sleep habits or any sensitivities of your little one. If your baby gets chilly at night, aside from being in a sleep sack or wearable blanket, perhaps consider flannel fitted crib sheets. Concerned about your LO's sensitivity to household allergens? Try looking for something hypoallergenic. Otherwise, cotton sheets are standard.

I recently purchased the Just Born Dream Ombre Moon Fitted Crib Sheet. I was glad to learn that this sheet has deep corners and sturdy elastic to fit securely over Mason's mattress (along with the mattress protector). It's 100% cotton, which is perfect for him because he is a hot sleeper. It's machine washable and dryer friendly, and I was pleased that the colors did not fade after the first wash! I love looking at all the different prints for crib sheets. This one has vibrant ombre blue moons that also come in grey and pink. The ombre moons work well with Mason's nursery that has a modern dessert feel. I purchased this in blue to break up the usual greens and greys in his room. Personally, I adore the "Just Born Dream" line of crib sheets because these sheets are affordable ($17.99), an excellent fit for Mason's mattress, and durable!

I hope this post was helpful for tips on bedding basics, and that the links gave you inspo for your little one's bedding. Building a nursery is so much fun, and these little things help bring it all together. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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